Hudson County Housing Resource Center

Program Description
The HOUSING RESOURCE CENTERís mission is to protect, maintain and increase the affordable housing stock in Hudson County and to prevent homelessness. With up-to-the minute information on the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords we are able to provide comprehensive information to our clients. This information is made available, free of charge, to clients, municipalities and tenant/housing organizations.

Moreover, since Hudson Countyís current population is vastly Hispanic, the HOUSING RESOURCE CENTER (HUDSON COUNTY HOUSING RESOURCE CENTER) is able to provide its services and literature in both English and Spanish. While the problems the HOUSING RESOURCE CENTER encounters vary from security deposit refunds (most recently to those individuals who live in foreclosed properties), substandard conditions, rent increases, illegal apartment etc., the majority of the clients visiting the HOUSING RESOURCE CENTER are in crisis and face eviction and homelessness for various reasons or simply are not aware of their rights and are afraid of loosing their homes. The counselors at the HOUSING RESOURCE CENTER can alleviate some of this fear and has made a difference preventing many of these evictions from taking place, HUDSON COUNTY HOUSING RESOURCE CENTER benefits by in-house General Counsel who is available to tender both advice and representation in court to our clients, we also refer them to other agencies, whenever necessary, but assist them with information and follow-up through the process.

Hudson County Housing ResourceCenter
Phone: 2017955615 x 205
Fax: 2017952525
574 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ, USA, 07306


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All Hudson County Residents
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