About Hudson Partnership CMO?

Hudson Partnership CMO is a 501©3 not for profit Care Management Organization dedicated to organizing and coordinating services, resources and supports for children in Hudson County with multiple and complex emotional and behavioral needs. It is a core component of the New Jersey State Child Behavioral Health Service’s reform effort designed to provide a better coordinated and streamlined service delivery system for children with emotional and behavioral needs, and their families. It is culturally and linguistically competent and is community based, building on the strengths of the family, the child, and the community with formal and informal supports to fashion effective approaches to care and treatment.

What We Do

Hudson Partnership provides face to face care management and comprehensive service planning for children and families in crisis. This is achieved through Child/Family team meetings and
Individualized service plans for each child and their family based on the family’s strengths and needs. We also strive to creatively deliver existing services and to discover traditional and non traditional resources and partners to achieve our goal of maintaining children enrolled in our organization in stable living arrangements, the goal is to keep children in their homes, in their schools and in their communities. Hudson Partnership CMO emphasizes the importance of family as participants in the treatment process. We serve children between the ages of 5 and 21.

How We Do it:

Children are referred to the CMO through a centralized gateway operated by a Contracted Systems Administrator or the CSA, designated by the Division of Child Behavioral Health Services to place children in need of mental health services in one of several agencies in the continuum of care. The CSA can be reached by calling 1-877-652-7624. Those with the most urgent and complex needs are placed in the CMO under the care of a Care Manager. Each care manager in the CMO has a maximum of 15 children in their care. The Care manager is responsible for facilitating and coordinating the child family team meeting and developing an individualized service plan with access to an array of services deemed most beneficial to address the child’s needs. There are 36 Care Managers in Hudson Partnership CMO providing services for over 500 children. Six supervisors provide continuous direction and clinical expertise and the Clinical and Operations Directors oversees all plans to ensure that they are thorough and in compliance with mandated guidelines. The model that underscores the philosophy that drives the work of the CMO is called Wraparound.

For more information log onto www.hudsoncmo.org